President Obama Met Senate Leaders

President Barack Obama had requested Republicans and Democrats to visit the White House on Tuesday. He had called them to discuss the election-year stalemate over the post on the Supreme Court. Both the sides did not show any signs of budging. They have gathered together after a long time. All the leaders met last month at the death ceremony of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Joe Biden (Vice President) who were the ranking Republican on the committee attended the meeting. The posed for photographs with smiles on their faces. When the reporters try to near Grassly, Biden kidded, ‘please do not hurt Senator Grassley since we need him badly.’

Some reporters questioned the leaders whether they were open to change their position. The leaders declined to answer this question. Reid said that he wanted to perform the constitutional duty and do his job in a right way. He added that when the leaders come to the stage, they fail to do that. Reid told that he guesses what President Trump would perform, and he is waiting for that moment.

Next time, the gathering would not remain as a nod or acceptance to the highest court of the nation. It is said that the cooperation will be limited. The president would have hovered potential candidates. It is said that Senate opposition would come along with their preferred names.

At present, White House is concentrating to make an effort to talk with the Senate. It is the best move though there is not much cooperation or give and take.

President Barack Obama spoke with Joe Biden (Vice President) and bipartisan Senate leaders to discourse the opening in Supreme Court. Josh Earnest, White House spokesman, told that the President is open and earnest to solve through a discussion. But Mr. Mc.Connell had commented that President should not put any person forward to take up the position.

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