Clinton Cruises Toward Predictability

Clinton is excited about her Super Tuesday victory. She looked like a more experienced candidate and gave a refined message.

It has taken eight years for Hillary Clinton to occupy her position. She first thought Democratic presidential nomination in inevitable.

Clinton is a step ahead with victories in Southern states like Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama and Texas. She has defeated Bernie Sanders by double digits. The home state of Bernie Sanders is Vermont, and he has scored victory easily in his home state. It was an expected victory apart from Oklahoma.

However, after revealing the Super Tuesday victories, the campaign by Sanders remain to be strong and almost like hitting a wall. Clinton is showing her dominance amongst minority voters which is a critical democratic base.

Sanders have promised to run in the race. He has promised that he would keep fighting until the election date. The calculation result shows things are going against him. Clinton is planned and on the way to step forward.

Clinton cheered the audience by saying that we need more kindness and love for the present status in America. She told that it was useless to bully the walls. Clinton added that she was planning to construct ladders of opportunity, break down barriers and empower the whole nation. It is the right way to make Americans live up and enjoy their life up to their potential. She then talked about polluters, corporate abuse and people who trespass on civil rights, women’s rights, and LGBT rights. She did not criticize Clinton while in her victory speech. She added that her vision is expansive, and she is working to make things better.

There has been a lot of change in Clinton since last eight years. Barack Obama is also one of the reasons to make the changes in campaign and candidates. She is not against Barack Obama. She is using the youth vote and spreading a powerful message to achieve her victory.

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