Super Tuesday By Clinton Leaves Sanders In Doubt

Hillary Clinton cannot bolt the Democratic nomination yet, but she remained to be good on her way as planned. She has successfully built a large representative lead against Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is her rival.

One of the famous News Channel has projected that Sanders will be winning in Oklahoma primaries, Vermont- his home state along with the caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado.

But still, Clinton is expected to seek victory in primaries especially in representative rich states of Tennessee, Massachusetts, Alabama, Arkansas, Virginia, and Georgia. It is said that majority of victories have come to her by convincing the margins. The results show that Clinton has defeated Sanders by scoring 60% points in Alabama, 33% points in Tennessee, 43% points in Georgia, and 40% points in Arkansas.

The results announced on Tuesday makes clear about the Sander’s way to the Democratic nomination. When calculated deliberately, he has chances to win the party’s acceptance. But still it remains tough to climb the hill. Sanders told the representatives that he was ready for the challenge. He is looking forward to seek his victory. He added that he would keep fighting till the last minute of the Democratic convention.

Democratic National Convention 2016 is a gathering where the delegates of US Democratic Party will select their candidates for the positions – Vice President of the United States and also President of the United States. It is expected to be held between July 25 and 28, 2016. It will take place in Philadelphia that is exactly at Wells Fargo Center. It will be starting exactly after one week of Republican National Convention 2016.

Sanders have announced that he will be working hard until the Democratic Convention.

Sanders told in an interview on Tuesday that this election is not going to be a normal process of electing a president. It is an election that is going to transform completely the status of United States of America. He states this while he was campaigning in Essex Junction, Vermont.

Sanders announced that the 2016 President election is going to make the United States a great nation in the world. It has all the potential to become a great country.

Sanders told that the election was concerned on handling with some unknown and unpleasant truths. He has the guts to oppose those truths.

In another campaign, Clinton added that her goal was not to make America great but to make it completely whole. Both the representatives are campaigning on equal degrees at each and every opportunity they get. They ensure not to miss any opportunity to share their views and future dreams. Clinton gave a victory speech in front of hundreds and thousands of supporters and cheering crowd in Florida. Her speech was inspiring and supportive. She gave the speech to campaign March 15 primary.

In November ballot, it was clear that which leader is wanted in eleven states. Clinton had targeted and taken the place of six states. Sanders performs equal to Clinton, and he had targeted five states along the two with caucuses.

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President Obama Met Senate Leaders

President Barack Obama had requested Republicans and Democrats to visit the White House on Tuesday. He had called them to discuss the election-year stalemate over the post on the Supreme Court. Both the sides did not show any signs of budging. They have gathered together after a long time. All the leaders met last month at the death ceremony of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Joe Biden (Vice President) who were the ranking Republican on the committee attended the meeting. The posed for photographs with smiles on their faces. When the reporters try to near Grassly, Biden kidded, ‘please do not hurt Senator Grassley since we need him badly.’

Some reporters questioned the leaders whether they were open to change their position. The leaders declined to answer this question. Reid said that he wanted to perform the constitutional duty and do his job in a right way. He added that when the leaders come to the stage, they fail to do that. Reid told that he guesses what President Trump would perform, and he is waiting for that moment.

Next time, the gathering would not remain as a nod or acceptance to the highest court of the nation. It is said that the cooperation will be limited. The president would have hovered potential candidates. It is said that Senate opposition would come along with their preferred names.

At present, White House is concentrating to make an effort to talk with the Senate. It is the best move though there is not much cooperation or give and take.

President Barack Obama spoke with Joe Biden (Vice President) and bipartisan Senate leaders to discourse the opening in Supreme Court. Josh Earnest, White House spokesman, told that the President is open and earnest to solve through a discussion. But Mr. Mc.Connell had commented that President should not put any person forward to take up the position.

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Clinton Cruises Toward Predictability

Clinton is excited about her Super Tuesday victory. She looked like a more experienced candidate and gave a refined message.

It has taken eight years for Hillary Clinton to occupy her position. She first thought Democratic presidential nomination in inevitable.

Clinton is a step ahead with victories in Southern states like Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama and Texas. She has defeated Bernie Sanders by double digits. The home state of Bernie Sanders is Vermont, and he has scored victory easily in his home state. It was an expected victory apart from Oklahoma.

However, after revealing the Super Tuesday victories, the campaign by Sanders remain to be strong and almost like hitting a wall. Clinton is showing her dominance amongst minority voters which is a critical democratic base.

Sanders have promised to run in the race. He has promised that he would keep fighting until the election date. The calculation result shows things are going against him. Clinton is planned and on the way to step forward.

Clinton cheered the audience by saying that we need more kindness and love for the present status in America. She told that it was useless to bully the walls. Clinton added that she was planning to construct ladders of opportunity, break down barriers and empower the whole nation. It is the right way to make Americans live up and enjoy their life up to their potential. She then talked about polluters, corporate abuse and people who trespass on civil rights, women’s rights, and LGBT rights. She did not criticize Clinton while in her victory speech. She added that her vision is expansive, and she is working to make things better.

There has been a lot of change in Clinton since last eight years. Barack Obama is also one of the reasons to make the changes in campaign and candidates. She is not against Barack Obama. She is using the youth vote and spreading a powerful message to achieve her victory.

Read Also: Super Tuesday by Clinton Leaves Sanders in Doubt