How To Find Traffic Fine Solutions:

How To Find Traffic Fine Solutions:

5 Tips For Avoiding A Traffic Fine For Your Own Driving Record & Money

When considering how to find traffic fine solutions for your own driving, the most important thing that you, me and all other drivers should think about is how to avoid it. As people often said “Prevent is the best method of treatment”. So, what should we do to prevent it from happening.traffic finesmore info on this website

I suppose you and me and other drivers understand traffic laws and regulations but do we actually follow the rules! We are sometime excited and speed up, cross the red line, park at “a no parking zone”, turn left at the sign “right turn only” or turn right at the sign “left turn only”!!!

Traffic Fines are terrible! But also good things for someone. For all of us, we can become a better driver and avoid Traffic Fine. But for some others, they get bad luck!. So what can we do? Accepting the fine? or do something about it.

Yes, understand the traffic laws and regulations and follow it is the best strategies and the only traffic fine solutions for you.
Here are 5 tips to help you get most from avoiding traffic fine…

Tip 1 – The first tip of traffic fine solutions is checking Parking Signs thoroughly. When parking a car on the street at a free parking zone or pay zone you still need to check the Parking Signs carefully. Some streets you can only park in a current time of the day and can only park a period time permitted (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours…). If you don’t understand the sign, then ask people around you for help.

Tip 2: Using 2 hours parking area rather than 1 hour parking area. Parking your car at a 2 hour parking area instead of 1 hour parking area if you think your appointment is more than an hour. Even your appointment less than an hour you will never know what will happen. You may meet an old friend, a college, a teacher etc…. so you will be delay more time.

Tip 3 – Setting up alarm reminder from your phone. When you step out of your car, just set time reminder in your phone so know when you need to get back to your car before the expired time of your car / parking ticket. Give yourself enough time to walk back to your car. Nothing is worse than getting traffic fine when you are only late for few minutes. I have 1 booking fine ticket when I was only late for 4 minutes!

Tip 4 – Understand opposite cars’ signal warning. When you drive sometime you see cars go opposite site of the street give you some flash light signal. It means a police speed shooting car is currently operating ahead. You MUST reduce your car speed immediately under 50 km/hour for the safe side. You will see shortly a car park at nearby on the left side of the street. That is the Police Speed Shooting Car. If you get caught by them, the fine can be up to $180 with maximum of 3 demerit point’s deduction.

Tip 5 – Observe speed signs along the street over the time. When driving a car, you must observe to see how many km/hour you are allowed to drive. The allowed speed can be varied at different parts of the street. So do be so sure if you think the whole street is the same speed. Especially if you are new to the area, slow down your car and take the last line on the left side of the street. If other car goes fast, don’t follow them.

We hope you found the tips helpful. When considering how to find traffic fine solutions for your own driving, follow these tips and you will see so much better for your own driving record. Because you don’t receive much traffic fine and you don’t have to worry about payment and money to pay for it.

Traffic Fine Solutions will bring to you more tips and advice in the next post. Make sure you read it when it comes out soon in the next few weeks or so. So all the best for your driving and have fun!

Sean Le

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